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The ISPA/WSPA Fall Conference

Given the ongoing pandemic and the concerns of meeting in person in October, Wisconsin (WSPA) and Illinois (ISPA) are collaborating on a joint virtual conference for the fall. Join us for one-day or two-days.

 October 16, 2020; 8 am - 4 pm October 23, 2020; 8 am - 4 pm
 Power of Possibility by Wendy Price, NASP President Resilience Education Programs by Katie Eklund & Steve Kilgus
 EBI and Progress Monitoring in Remote Learning by Matt Burns Comprehensive Mental Health in Schools by Steve Brock
 **Lunch; State Issues and Guidance with Larry Fairbanks and Tim Peerenboom. One room for IL and the other for WI**Lunch; Open Discussion about Social Justice or NASP Resources (Two Rooms, Your Choice) 
 TeleAssessment: What's Available, Reliable, Ethical and Valid? by S. Kathleen Kroch Ethics of Tele-Health and Technology in Schools by Dan Floral
 Comprehensive SEL during Remote/Hybrid Learning by Andria Amador FAPE in a Virtual World by Matt Bell

Free Mask to the first 500 Registered Members

Register at ILISPA.ORG (closed - see below)

Member: 1 Day = $90; 2 Days = 150

Student/Intern/Retiree: 1 Day = $45; 2 Days = $75

Non-Member: 1 Day = $120; 2 Days = $180

GrubHub Lunch Credit included in Registration!

Late Registrations are being accepted as space is available.

Use the Paper Form and Fax to 847-864-7580 or scan and send to shirleypitts_ispa@yahoo.com

The Wisconsin School Psychologist Association (WSPA) Executive Board along with school psychologist across Wisconsin are committed to standing with BIPOC of our communities; we strive to be anti-racist and to lead social justice work in our schools and our communities.  The WSPA Executive Board has endorsed the NASP Call to End Racism and Violence Against People of Color.  We ask that you review this Call to Action and determine what your personal action steps will be.  Link:  NASP Call to Action 

WSPA Response to Extended School Closure and Evaluation Timelines due to COVID-19
The WSPA Executive Board voted on May 18, 2020 to endorse the following guidance for School Psychologists: LINK

WSPA Updates based on the Pandemic (Apr 30, 2020)

We stand in support of all school psychologists in making efforts to help and support all children during our social response to the pandemic. We know that this has been challenging on many levels (e.g., online platforms, family responsibilities, personal health challenges to name a few!) Hang in there!! We have linked some important NASP resources following this announcement. Please check them out.

WSPA Long Range Planning, traditionally held in June, is cancelled and will not be rescheduled this year. We will conduct our important work on the 5-Year Vision and Plan during the next academic year. While it would have been nice to complete this document, the challenges of the pandemic on Board Members and this important work can't be overlooked. We do not want to short change the process or the outcome just for the sake of completing it. The Board will still hold its June meeting - albeit virtually. If you would like to attend and/or have the Board consider business items, please EMAIL

WSPA Fall Conference in October is cancelled. The thought of coming back to work in the fall and tending to students and educators, with reduced professional development budgets, and concerns for the lingering pandemic response made the Fall Conference difficult to hold. We know this is a time when we come together and many get rejuvenated by attending our conferences. The Board is going to work towards putting material together to focus on self-care that you can access on our website during the School Psychology Awareness Week in November. Stay tuned for details.

We are planning for the Spring Conference and plan to hold it at the end of January. We are hoping this will be a good chance for the pandemic to be contained and offers the opportunity to get together. While we are watching the news and listening to medical experts paint the long range picture of the pandemic response and the "new normal," we are hopeful that we can get together and renew our connections. I know I am looking forward to connecting with colleagues and hearing a number of stories told over lunch and networking opportunities about, "well in my district, this is how we approached teaching, learning, and mental health during the pandemic." I am keeping my fingers crossed.

As has been the case this spring, we have all learned how fluid plans need to be moving forward. While we are taking reasonable steps to think forward, we also acknowledge that the landscape can change on a dime (or a day!). We will do our best to keep you updated and informed as we move forward. In the meantime, I suspect you have been inundated with emails and links for resources - the learning curve has been steep. Take care of yourself and know that we are supporting you in your work the best we can.

Take Care, Stay Safe, and Wash your Hands!
Rob Dixon, Interim WSPA President and CPD Chair.


Clink this link for: NASP CPD Supports During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Klem, Tonya

To Read the WSPA President’s Message by 
Tonya Klem

Click this link:  WSPA President's Message

To Read Rene's (Past President) email concerning School Violence and School Climate

Click this Link: School Climate 



Child Migrant Separations

The Wisconsin School Psychologist Association endorses the position that child migration separations from their parents at the southern border of the United States must cease and that separated families must be reunited expeditiously in order to minimize the risk of trauma reactions among vulnerable children.  The rationale for the position is adopted from the position paper authored by the National Association of School Psychologist Association and other colleague organizations found here:   http://www.nasponline.org/about-school-psychology/media-room/press-releases/nasp-calls-for-end-to-policy-separating-families-at-the-border


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