Certificate in Professional Development: School Mental Health FAQs

Why take the Certificate in Professional Development:  School Mental Health training?  This certificate program offers a continuing education professional development opportunity to professionals in promoting and supporting students’ mental health.

Training is focused on the principles of best practices in education and mental health.  Participants will develop new skills in assessment and interventions with students. Participants will also have opportunities to learn from and interact with state and nationally recognized experts, meet and learn with other experienced Wisconsin professionals,  and gain access to new resources.

Where are trainings offered?  All sessions are currently offered at WSPA Fall and Spring conventions.  Web based presentations may also be included as available.

Are there professional benefits from earning the certificate?   As a result of participating in this certificate, you will have mental health specific training that you can add to your resume or PDP.  The up to date skills and best practice information can also be used in your current position.   With a graduate credit offered for attending each convention in full, you can meet your license requirements.

How many hours are required to earn the certificate?  The program requires 48 hours of training completed over five years.

Can I take the trainings without pursuing the certificate?  The sessions within this certificate training are open to all WSPA conference attendees.

How do I track and document the courses I have taken? A form to track your trainings can be found on the WSPA website wspaonline.net under the Professional Development tab.  WSPA will send you a certificate of attendance for all sessions you attend.  Please remember to sign in and out of each session.  These verifications will be used to document your hours to earn the certificate.  When you have completed the required 48hours of training, submit the signed tracking sheet along with certificates of attendance to:  Rob Dixon, email: dixon.robertj@gmail.com. 

 1) Foundations (9 Hours Required) 
  a) Systems Support of School Mental Health (Choose From:) 
  i) Population-Based Mental Health or 
  ii) Learning Supports 
  b) Legal & Ethical Topics related to School Mental Health 
 2) Assessment Topics (15 Hours Required)Hours 
  a) Screening for School Mental Health Issues
  b) DSM-V and Classifications
  c) Neuropsychology of Psychopathology
  d) Progress Monitoring for Mental Health
 3) Intervention Topics (24 Hours Required)Hour 
  a) System Interventions to Promote School Mental Health
  b) Individual Therapy
  c) Group Interventions
  d) Crisis Prevention & Intervention
  e) Psychopharmacology

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