Wisconsin School Psychologists Association

Agenda for WSPA Board Meeting

January 28, 2017


Meeting called to order at: 9:00 am

Roll Call (P=present, A=absent)

Amy Cole, P
Mellisa Coolong-Chaffin, A
Ericka Dibelius. P
Betty Deboer, A, Excused
Robert Dixon, P
Neil Eckland, A, Excused
Melissa Fluecke, A
Andrea Ganske, (treasurer) P
Jim Haessly, A, Resigned
Lisa Hanson-Roche, P
Jaime Harris, P
Tom Hellmers, A, Excused
Heidi Horton, P
Todd Hrenak, P
Michelle Jardine, A
Jennifer Kamke-Black, P
Ron McPhail, A
Dawn Mueller, A, Resigned
Amanda Myers, (member at large) P
Scott Moline, P
Christine Neddenriep, A
Joci Newton, A
Evan Pagel, A, Excused
Christine Peterson, A, Resigned
Nick Pinzke, P
Holly Rabe, P
Kathy Rusch, A, Excused
Linda Servais, (president) P
Sara Soleymani-Alezadeh, A
Rene Staskal,P
Mary Beth Tusing, A
Chris Weins, P
Scott Woitaszewski, A, Excused 

Affiliate Members and Guests Present:
Kristi Thoreson, WSPA association manager, P
Kathryn Bush, DPI, P
Dan Seaman, A, Excused
Tracy Sherr, ISPA Representative, A, Resigned

1.     Call to Order
2.     Introductions
3.     Norms, Roles, Purpose (Linda Servais, President)
4.     Roll Call (Angela Axelrod, Secretary) see attendance above
5.     List of Resignations and Prospective Appointments for Spring Board meeting-Resignations: Tracey Scherr-ISPA co-rep, Dawn Mueller-Lake to Lake Regional Representative, Chris Peterson-Professional Standards and Practice Chair, Jim Haessely-Mental Health Chair. Prospective Appointments: Jamie Ghere-Public Relations, Tom Hellmers-Membership Chair, Andrea Ganske as Northwoods Regional rep
6.     Old Business
  a.     Treasurer
                i.     Andrea Ganske presented results from Audit. See report for details.
b.     Update on Advocacy – no update
c.     100th anniversary committee

   i.     (Andrea Ganske) – working on ideas, School Psychology through the years, getting training programs involved. Keeping                              cost very minimal to none.
d.     Update on ESSA Committee
  i.      (Chris Weins) – Goal is to build background knowledge on ESSA for psychs, will put out newsletter with information. Timeline for DPI to put out information to the public is end of September 2017. We will have chance to comment/look at it at that time. Not aware of any public hearings regarding ESSA. (Rob Dixon) – confirmed that we need to educate folks that things are happening at the state/federal level, need to get information in the hands of school psychologists. NASP website has ESSA resources specifically for school psychologists. Good opportunity for Regional Reps to have conversations with their region’s school psychologists. WSPA’s ESSA document is in Google drive.
e.     Legislative Update
i.     Privilege - Privileged Communication, currently any people at the university counseling level and school psychologists have privileged communication. Received feedback to present to Representative Ott. Purpose is to get rid of statutes that are no longer purposeful/important.  Agreement among meeting attendees that it is important to keep this statute.
ii.     State Superintendent Race - State superintendent race update – John Humphries, former WSPA president is running
iii.     Supreme Court – Case pending questioning what “some educational benefit” in IDEA means. Decision could have significant impact on districts and special education services.
iv.     Joint Letter from WSPA and WSCA – regarding language in budget specifying school social workers and did not mention school psychologists or school counselors but only allowing funding for school social workers. Our main concern is that there should be flexibility in which mental health professional a school can hire to provide mental health services. See letter.
v.     Clinical psychologists merging licenses with school psychologists – discussion – meeting attendees extremely opposed to this.
vi.     Other - DPI has a committee considering social/emotional competencies to be rolled out in fall. Will be a hearing on 1/30/17 regarding license flexibility-Linda will attend. Proposed changes: allow WI educators 55+ to apply for 5 year non-renewable license. Increase number of days short-term sub can be in the assignment, expansion of emergency license options, expand pathway for teachers to add additional licenses based on content tests.
f.      Conference Committee Updates – Spring convention March 29-31, 2017 in Appleton (Radisson Paper Valley Hotel) – speakers and topics discussed.
i.     May switch to an event planning group – request for proposals from event planning companies/suppliers – has gotten expensive to go through UWL and we have lost money on last 3 conferences.
ii.     Lost less money on fall 2016 convention that we projected – only lost about $1250
iii.     Matt Bell-legal updates, Todd Savage-gender, Melissa Reeves-NASP, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, DPI updates, Elizabeth Cook-Trauma Sensitive Schools, Dan H-Organizing district data. Don’t forget the social! WSPA is running entire spring convention on it’s own this time.
g.     Scholarship and Recognition Chair – Updates on student scholarships
i.     Would like to change the letter of recommendation requirements so they are all the same to avoid confusion. Renee will need raters for scholarships/school psych of the year.

7.     New Business
a.     Announcement of new NASP WI Delegate – Katie Johnson, will start July 1. Rob Dixon’s term continues on until June 2018.
b.     Nominations and Elections –
i.     Still need treasurer nomination
ii.     February election will be delayed until we can get nominee for Treasurer – cannot have election until we find treasurer. Please help find nominees!
iii.     Reminder of upcoming bylaw proposed changes to vote on – see previous meeting minutes for bylaws to be voted on.
8.     Reports and Action Plans of Officers, Standing Committees, AdHoc  Officers
a. Executive Officers and Manager
  i.     President, Linda Servais
ii.     Past President, Rob Dixon
iii.     Secretary, Angela Axelrod
iv.     Treasurer, Andrea Ganske
v.     Member at Large, Amanda Myers
vi.     Association Manager, Ex-Officio Exec. Committee: Kristi Thoreson
1.     Reminder that LRP is June 13-15 (Arrival on 13th, meetings on 14th, board meeting on 15th in AM and lunch, then                                         departure)
2.     Association manager contract has been less money
b.     Reports of Regional Representatives
i.     Northwest, Tom Hellmers
ii.     MASP, Sara Soleymani-Alizadeh
iii.     Suburban, Chris Weins
  iv.     Vacationland, Amy Cole
v.     South Central, Jaime Harris
vi.     Lake Superior, Michelle Jardine
vii.     Southwest ,  VACANT
viii.     Chippewa Valley, Melissa Coolong-Chaffin and Mary Beth Tusing
ix.     Lake to Lake, VACANT
x.     Capitol Lakes, Nick Pinzke
xi.     Coulee, Heidi  Horton and Joci Newton
xii.     Central, Holly Rabe
xiii.     Pines, Ron McPhail
xiv.     Northwoods, Neal Ecklund
xv.     NEWSPA, Evan Pagel and Melissa Flucke
c.     Standing Board Committees
i.     Children’s Services, Kathy Rusch
ii.     Legislative, Todd Hrenik
iii.     Membership Chair,
iv.     Mental Health, VACANT
v.     Nominations and Elections, Scott Woitaszewski
vi.     Convention Planning, Lisa Roche
vii.     Professional Standards and Practice, VACANT
viii.     Professional Preparation and Training, Chris Neddenriep
ix.     Public Relations,
x.     Publications, Jennifer Kamke-Black
xi.     Recognition and Scholarships, Renee Staskal
xii.     Financial Advisory, Andrea Ganske
xiii.     Technology, Scott Moline–Wild Apricot is live as the website now and CMS for Schools has expired.
xiv.     Planning and Development, VACANT
xv.     Continuing Professional Development, Rob Dixon
xvi.     Crisis, Betty DeBoer
  xvii.     NASP, Rob Dixon
d.     Ad Hoc Committee Reports
i.     Employment Fair Committee, Rob Dixon
1.     We should turn a profit on this job fair
2.     Rob Dixon-Job fair will be 2/17/17 at Chula Vista in WI Dells. 18 Districts will be represented. Still space for districts to get into the fair.
ii.     Publications Review Committee, Jennifer K-B, Kathy R
iii.     ESSA Committee, Todd Hrenek
iv.     100th Anniversary, Andrea Ganske
v.     Advocacy Committee
e.     Affiliations, WSPA Liaisons, and Coalitions
i.     DPI- Kathryn Bush
ii.     NASP – Rob Dixon
iii.     ISPA – Sara S
iv.     RTI Center – Dan Seaman

Wisconsin School Psychologists Association
WSPA Manager-Don Juve
Onalaska, WI 54650
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