WSPA Board Meeting Minutes

    Wisconsin School Psychologists Association

    WSPA Board Meeting

    March 4, 2020, Wisconsin Dells, WI

    Meeting Called to order at: 5:46

    1. Roll Call

    1.1Members Present:Leah Braunschweig, Kathryn Bush, Amy Cole, Rob Dixon, Kisten Gillespie, Katie Johnson, Tonya Klem, Denise Meyer, Chris Neddenriep, Evan Pagel, Brooke Soupenne, Rene Staskal, Katie Stinson, Tammy Stowers-Tonn, , Chris Weins, Sarah Wollersheim Shervey

    Phone-In Present: Jennifer Kamke-Black, Kristi Thorensen 

    Members Excused: Mike Axelrod, Caitlin Cox, , Jennifer Kamke-Black,  Chris Neddenriep, Rene Staskal, Ann Reyes, Kristi Thoreson, Jaime Harris, Julia Rutowski, Jamie Ghere

              Members Not Present: Evan Pagel, Melissa Fluecke, Tom Hellmers, Michelle Jardine

    1.2.  Student Representatives Present:  Jack Kennedy (UW Stout), Carrie Silkey (Alverno)   

    1.3 Affiliate Members and Guests Present:  Don Juve, WSPA Association Manager, Tim Peerenboom, DPI

    1. Approve Minutes of Fall 2019 Board Meeting

    Motion to Approve Minutes: Kisten motions to approve; second Sarah; Kathryn Bush abstain 

    1. Appointments

    3.1 Crisis Chair: Alyssa Martinson

    3.2 Northwest: Sommer Bowers-Hyres

    1. Congratulations

    4.1 New NASP Delegate for Wisconsin: Kisten Gillespie

    1. Long Range Planning

    5.1Vision & Goals Document: Tonya reported that the 2020 VIsion plan needs to be updated and that will happen at LRP. Tonya is planning on sharing a document to share what they have been apart of to help move the plan forward. People will have the chance to add to the plan so that the board can develop a new plan more quickly. The document will also help create a new vision for a 2025 plan. Tonya is encouraging innovation, progressive, and thinking outside of the box.

    1. LRP will be held June 15 Executive Board Meeting, June 16-June 17 at Retreat in West Bend. Link will be available to sign-up for the meeting. The link will go live after the Spring Conference.

    5.2 NASP Assistance to States--Kisten reported that NASP can assist to complete training for ATS and/or GPR training for the executive board. The reason that Kisten is interested in this opportunity is because GPR training will allow for more in depth knowledge surrounding legislative matter. ATS really looks at the structure of the organization and how to make it more efficient and successful. Spoke with shoulder partner regarding the benefit of moving forward. Share out from the board members indicated a lot of interest in the ATS training but not wanting to lose vision of the importance of advocacy. There was a consensus that this would be completed during LRP 2021.

    Motion that Train ATS by Kisten Gillespie. Brooke Soupenne seconds motion. Motion passes;  Kathryn Bush abstained. 

    5.3 Action Plans & Budgeting Process-Rob explained that it is stressful to complete the budget on the day of the LRP meeting. Action plans need to be in prior to LRP so that Kathryn has to complete the budget. Kathryn needs to see completed Action Plans by May 1st. Make sure that your Action Plan has a line item total so Kathryn can be efficient. A committee must have an Action Plan in order to be tied to the budget if you need funds. There is a financial committee that will review the plans so that they can communicate with the committees will have the time to adjust the plan as needed. 

    5.4 LRP Registration:  (Cancelled due to COVID 19)

    1. Award Recipients

    6.1 Jenna Sether-Elizabeth Woods Reward

    6.2 Minority Christine Jones- Minority Scholarship

    6.3 Bernice Krolasic Veronica Krueger

    6.4 Outstanding Dissertation Award-

    6.5 School Psychologist of the Year-Kara Meuthig

    Motion to accept the award winners Tonya Klem; Amy Cole Seconds motion; Kathryn Bush Abstained

    1. Professional Practices - “Emergency License” for Interns

    7.1 Action Plan Mike’s thoughts: Interns to obtain an appropriate license for their status as an intern. Mike believes the issue of practicum students obtaining emergency licenses via school districts is a graduate program issue and should be resolved with specific program policies. Graduate programs should include such policies to protect their own students from being taken advantage of by school districts but also so that we, as graduate programs, are promoting the highest standards related to credentialing. Mike doesn’t believe that it’s WSPA’s position to dictate how school districts operate, especially when they might be hard up for school psychologists but still operating within the DPI’s guidelines. Advocating at the state level (e.g., DPI) for appropriate credentialing standards might be more fitting for our association.

    Rob discussed the organization works with WCASS and discuss it with them and potentailly come up with an advocacy document. Talked with shoulder partner regarding whether it is WSPA’s responsibility to become involved in the process. Share out suggested that WSPA really does need to make a statement surrounding this topic and call a meeting with the State Superintendent regarding this issue. It may be worth banding together with Pupil Services members and WAPSO.  Rob will reach out to the other Pupil Service presidents to see if they are also interested

    Motion to author a position statement regarding the licensure issue with related pupil service professions by Katie Johnson.  SarahWollersheim Shervey  second motion; Motion passes.  Kathryn Bush abstains 

    1. Revenue & Expense Streams

    8.1 Membership:  Tim is going to look into how many psychologists are in Wisconsin. How can we as an organization have conversations with psychologists? What is the benefit to having a WSPA membership? Tonya is planning on having that discussion at LRP.

    8.2 Conference-There are 139 participants registered. Tammy decided to complete a silent auction this Spring. There are also many vendors at this convention. Tammy is hoping that the Fall conference will be in Green Bay. She is hoping that a Green Bay psychologist will step in and help planning. The committee is always looking for board members who are willing to put in the effort to do the hard work for planning the conventions. This is a major portion of WSPA’s funding and crucial to the organization.

    8.3 Expenses-Fall’s convention brought in about $16,000 and was a huge success for the organization. At LRP Kathryn will have some trend data. Since we are a non-profit status it is important to have money coming in so that we can fund scholarships, LRP, travel, etc.

    1. WSPA Membership Survey - Results (Rob): Link Rob would like to do a couple of things with this survey. He is planning on using the information to share with membership in the newsletter, develop a session for NASP, etc. This information will also be used at the LRP.  Sarah shared an idea of “You said….We Did” to recognize that we are listening.

    1. Other - For the Good of the Order

    1. Consent Agenda 

    11.1 Executive Reports

    1. There were a few pull out items from the Treasury account. Kathryn purchased a refurbished computer and it is working well, she continues to learn Wild Apricot and is attempting to troubleshoot glitches. Casey Krolasic us unable to come to the ceremony for the Friend of Children award. After LRP Kathryn would like to bring the award to his home and is wondering if a few people are willing to go and help present the award is welcome.

    2. Katie reported that APA is supporting master level psychologists to be allowed to practice in schools. APA has in the past also attempted to get rid of the school psychologist title.  

    11.2 Standing Committee Reports. See Report Below

    11.3 Regional Representative Reports.  See Report Below

    Meeting Adjourned: 8:44

    Spring 2020 Board Member Reports








    Rene shared pictures of the twins a few weeks back!! 

    We created a new email for the president: That will allow the correspondence to pass down to presidents as they are elected. This makes four “permanent” gmail accounts - President, Manager, Treasurer, and Conference Chair.

    Letters were sent out by Rene to districts acknowledging service to WSPA and the profession. I (Rob) appreciated the note back that I received from my Dean. 



    The 2020 NASP RLM was attended by four board members (Tonya Klem, Katie Johnson, Kisten Gillespie, Brooke Soupenne). Social justice was the central theme throughout the NASP RLM meetings with the strategic goal to, “Ensure that all children and youth are valued and that their rights and opportunities are protected in schools and communities.” 

    WSPA’s Vision 20/20 (Mission, Goals, and Strategic Plan) will be reviewed and updated at the LRP meeting June 16th & 17th. How did we do with our plan and objectives? What changes are needed? A document will be shared for board members and committenes to report on the current status of the strategies and outcomes that you were involved in promoting or advancing. Please post updates before LRP in an effort to be efficient so that we can spend time planning for our 2025 Strategic Plan. 

    We are hoping to bring NASP trainers to our LRP to train board members on “The Will to Govern Well” and will share the proposed LRP agenda once it is completed. My one year goal is to increase WSPA membership and board engagement. If you are interested in attending the LRP meeting, please feel free to reach out to me or Don.

    Past Pres




    Our new system for collecting dues and registrations has been quite challenging, making it impossible to balance the books.  After many emails with the technical customer service, last week they introduced a new report option.  While it still has its challenges, it is now possible to balance the books.  I am currently working my way through our “fall” and “early winter” months.  I hope to be able to report on 2019 at our board meeting.



    Gathering information about ways to streamline communication between the board and our membership. Additionally, gathering information of ways to promote WSPA more consistently via social media platforms. 



    No report

    Assoc. Man.





    No report (recently took the position so still learning what is expected)



    In our district we are continuing our work around culturally responsive school psychology practice. The department continues to work with the Culturally Responsive Committee to bring conversations about race and how it impacts student success in our district. Recently, the department received whole staff professional development on ELL/CLD/Bilingual assessment theories and best practices.  Psychologist have continued their personal growth in being more aware by selection to participate in book studies such as Courageous Conversations about Race and White fragility.  A sub-committee has started planning to present Exposure Project to students in Milwaukee Public Schools in an effort to increase awareness to the field of school psychology.   



    Suburban is meeting twice this school year for networking meetings. This upcoming 2nd meeting will feature the Greater Milwaukee Suicide Coalition and our DPI consultant. In addition, I have arranged for a consultant from FastBridge to come to our region to speak about the program and its components that could benefit districts compared to AIMSWeb.



    South Central


    Lake Superior






    Lake to Lake


    Capitol Lakes




    No report.







    We have been an inactive group this year as there are vacancies and most psychs in this region are one psych per district or in districts that are larger and they have their own group (like Wausa schools, etc). Most of the psychs are feeling very overwhelmed trying to keep up. Trying to schedule a regional meeting for fall 2020 and provide a min-region meeting to the more northern districts with solo practitioners. 



    No report.






    Child Services




    The Legislative Committee has had the opportunity to meet with several legislators in the past several months.  Legislators and staffers are provided with a packet of information highlighting the field of psychology and information on important topics.  Specific areas of interest to the legislators that came up during conversation included the dyslexia bill and Mental Health First Aid.  

    Still working toward holding a Hill Day, and having school psychologists attend in Madison.  We are working on this alongside the UW Madison grad student Political Action Committee.  

    Also in the works, collaborating with School Nurses, Social Workers and Counselors to have a joint Hill Day sometime in the future.

    Evers vetoes Senate Bill 821

    Applying for NASP GPR/ATS training- LRP or Wednesday of next conference?



    Mental Health


    Nom & Elect


    The secretary election is out and will close on March 16th.



    • The convention has come together nicely. This would NOT be possible without Rob playing a significant role on this committee.

    • We are at 120 for registrations (a week out).

    • The committee decided to run the silent auction again, as the resources to choose from are plentiful. 

    • We need someone to oversee the grant process, recruitment and selection. Is this Amy? Her name is at the top of the Children Services Action Plan.

    • I am anxious to hear what attendees said about the venue.

    • Fall conference will be in Green Bay. Currently securing the venue.

    Prof Stand


    I won’t be in attendance. Don’t have much to report. Regarding emergency licenses and interns, which is specifically listed in the agenda, I’m not entirely sure what that means. I would expect interns to obtain an appropriate license for their status as an intern. As I mentioned in a previous email, I think the issue of practicum students obtaining emergency licenses via school districts is a graduate program issue and should be resolved with specific program policies. Graduate programs should include such policies to protect their own students from being taken advantage of by school districts but also so that we, as graduate programs, are promoting the highest standards related to credentialing. I don’t believe it’s WSPA’s position to dictate how school districts operate, especially when they might be hard up for school psychologists but still operating within the DPI’s guidelines. Advocating at the state level (e.g., DPI) for appropriate credentialing standards might be more fitting for our association.

    Grad Training


    • Facilitated the student session with Rob at the fall convention

    • Student poster session planned for spring conference (approximately 20 presenters)

    • Outstanding Dissertation Awardee identified

    • Trainers meetings held at both fall and spring conventions

    • Rob facilitating the student session for the spring convention

    Public Rel.




    Summer issue of WSPA Sentinel deadline is April 15 so it can be posted by April 30.

    Reg & Scholar


    • Awards luncheon 3/5 - Tonya covering if Ann is unable to attend. 

    • We had 2 Woods, 3 Krolasik, 4 Minority, and 6 SP of the year nominees! 

    • Friend of Children Award to Casey Krolasik 



    Plan & Dev


    LRP is in June.  We need to know who is coming by early May.  

    Agenda items include some cool stuff.  I can’t find my notes!!!



    Our NASP Program Approval Status is due for renewal in April. We had no concerns in the past and I am hopeful we will have no concerns moving forward.



    Attended NASP RLM with Tonya (delegated by Rene), Kisten, Brooke and Tim Peerenboom (DPI Consultant).  Training on Social Justice for the group.  Great session on attracting and retaining leaders - follow up from Tonya and I.  Let’s discuss a GPR Will to Govern Well training and also a NASP leadership training.  NASP concerned about APA potentially licensing master’s level practitioners.


    Job Fair


    We had a very successful employment fair in the Dells.There were 23 employers (2 from IA and 1 from MN). There were 38 Seekers - down a little bit from past years and this is usually attributed to the opportunities of the sites (few seekers want to go North). Employers are always amazed at the quality and opportunity that the Seekers bring to the table. We are booked at Chula Vista Feb 12, 2021.





    No report





    • Attended NASP and NASP RLM.  

    • New FBA workgroup updating DPI guidance and resources (WSPA member survey IDd this as a high priority need) coming in the next several months.  Hopefully ready to roll out initial updated guidance at WSPA fall 2020 conference.

    • New SLD Consultant started 2 weeks ago.  

    • Looking to increase/update supports and communication with field:

      • Updating School Psychology webpage

      • Looking for input on best way to reach psych groups (CESA’s, WSPA region annual visits?)

    • Data for advocacy efforts?  NASP presentation by North Carolina state SP Consultant had some good information on how I can support WSPA advocacy efforts to address shortages, elevate the profession, etc.  What data would be helpful?  DPI collects a lot of it!

    • Lots of SEL and Mental Health efforts at DPI!


    Kisten, Michelle,


    We haven’t been ISPA members for over a year. 

    RtI Center




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