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Certificate in Professional Development-Mental Health

*The following conference activities have been organized and selected by the WSPA Mental Health Committee to meet the criteria for the Certificate in Professional Development-Mental Health.

         F=Foundation         A=Assessment      I=Intervention

SPRING 2011-Wisconsin Dells

*Addressing Mental Health: School Neuropsychology Principles and Psychopathology |James Hale, PhD (6 hours- A c)

*Violence Risk Assessment| Mervin Langley PhD (1.5 hours- A a or I d)

*Selected Child Psychopathologies/Interventions |James Hale, PhD (3 hours- I b or c)

*Creating a Trauma Sensitive School Environment |Sara Daniel, LCSW (3 hours- I a)

FALL 2011-Manitowoc

*The Neuropsychology of Emotional Disorders |Steven G. Feifer, D. Ed., NCSP, ABSNP (6 hours- A c)

*Madison Positive Support Team | Jim Haessly, Ph.D.; Kathy Conley, M.S.; Patrice Bentley, M.S. (1.5 hours- I a, b, or c)

*Mental Health: Reactive Attachment Disorder | Ray W. Kinney, M.S. (3 hours- I b)

*Ethics and Mental Health Practices | Don Stovall, Psy.D. (3 hours- F b)

SPRING 2012-Lacrosse

*Population Based Mental Health| Beth Doll, Ph.D. (6 hours-  F a)

*Advocating for the Emotional Well Being of our Nation’s Youth |  Philip Lazarus, Ph.D.  (1.5 hours- I a)

*Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments in our Schools |  Lisa Ladson B.A., C.A.B.A., Lisa Hoeme M.A. and Sharon Hammer M.A.  (1.5 hours- A a or d)

*Cyberbullying | Philip Lazarus  (3 hours- I a)

*Suicide Prevention in the Schools | Bridgette Hensley, Psy.D.  (3 hours- I d)

FALL 2012 Madison

*Cognitive Behavioral Therapy|Melissa Reeves Ph.D. (6 hours-I b or c)

*Forgiveness Education: Reducing Anger and Increasing Cooperation in Schools|Robert Enright, Ph.D. (1.5 hours-I b or c)

*Mindfulness in Education for Teachers and Students|Laura Pinger, M.S. and Lisa Flook, Ph.D. (1.5 hours-I b or c)

*Culturally Responsive Mental Health Practices for African American Male Students|Ramel Smith, Ph.D. (3 hours -I a or A a)

*Psychopharmacology with Children and Adolescents|Peggy Scallon, M.D., Ritu Gandhi, M.D., Bill Taft, M.D. (3 hours- I e)

SPRING 2013 Appleton

*Providing Trauma-Informed Care in Schools to Children with Abuse and Neglect Histories within the Response to Instruction (RtI) Model| Betty V. Deboer, Ph.D., Christine Nelson, M.S., Sarah Coolidge, EdS  (6 hours-I a or b)

*What is an Evidence Based Intervention? Choosing and Implementing Academic and Behavior Interventions That Work| T. Chris Riley-Tillman, Ph.D.  (1.5 hours-I b or c)

*Beyond CBM: Behavior Assessment Options for Measuring a Child’s Response to Intervention| 
T. Chris Riley- Tillman, Ph.D.  (3 hours-A d)

*Mental Health Screening: Procedures, Tools, and School Readiness | Kathy Halley, Ph.D. (3 hours- A a)

FALL 2013 Eau Claire

*PREPaRE Workshop 1 (2nd Ed.) - Crisis Prevention and Preparedness:

 Comprehensive School Safety Planning | Scott Woitaszewski, Ph.D. and Todd

 Savage, Ph.D., NCSP (8 hours-A a or I d)

*Selective Mutism: Assessment and Intervention | Randy T. Busse, Ph.D. (1.5 hours – A a or I c)

*Brief Solution-Oriented Counseling in Schools | Kathleen Minke, Ph.D., NCSP

(3 hours - I b)

* Methods for Assessing Response to Intervention | Randy T. Busse, Ph.D. (3 hours – A d )

SPRING 2014 Wisconsin Dells-Ho Chunk

*PREPaRE Workshop 2 (2nd Ed) Crisis Intervention and Recovery: The Roles of School-Based Mental Health Professionals | Scott Woitaszewski, Ph.D.  Kathryn Bush  (16 hours – I d  )

* DSM-V |Peggy Scallon, MD; Kathleen Koth, DO; Ryan Byrne, MD (6 hours – A b)


  • Threat/Risk Assessment:  Developing a Proactive and Consistent Approach to Evaluating Risk (3 Hours) Melissa Reeves, Ph.D. and Steve Brock, Ph.D.
  • Advanced Skills in School Based Crisis Prevention and Intervention (3 Hours) Melissa Reeves, Ph.D. and Steve Brock, Ph.D.
  • Suicide Assessment and Intervention:  Critical Skills for School Psychologists (6 Hours) Melissa Reeves, Ph.D. and Steve Brock, Ph.D.  (3 hours- A a or I d)

FALL 2015 Madison Marriott West

  • The Use of Psychotropic Medications in Youth: Considerations for the Classroom (6 Hours) Robert Foltz, Psy.D
  • LGBT Youth: Supporting Teachers and Supporting Students (1.5 Hours) - Kim Knesting Lund, PhD
  • Panel Discussion on Group Interventions: Making Herding Cats Look Easy (1.5 Hours) - Jim Haessly, PhD
  • Beyond "just breathe": Helping Kids Face and Conquer Anxiety (3 Hours) - Chelsea Ale, PhD & Janice Schreier
  • Using Universal Screening to Inform Interventions for Behavioral and Emotional Concerns (3 Hours - Katie Eklund, PhD and Steve Kilgus, PhD


  • PREPaRE Workshop 1, 2nd edition (6 Hours). Scott Woitaszewski, PhD & Todd Savage, PhD
  • School Psychologists: Leading Efforts to Promote Positive School Climate for All Students (1.25 Hours). Todd Savage, PhD
  • Helping Your School District Become Trauma Sensitive (1.5 Hours). Betty DeBoer, PhD and Nic Dibble, MSW
  • Implementation of Evidence-Based Individual Interventions to Address Student Health (1.5 Hours). Jim Haessley, Ph.D.
  • Helping Transgender Students Succeed at School and at Home (3 Hours) Todd Savage, PhD
  • Brief Solution Focused Counseling in the Schools (3 Hours) Kathy Minke, PhD
  • Cognitive Behavior Intervention for Trauma in Schools (3 Hours). Nick Pinzke, EdS & Jim Haessley, PhD
  • Using Brief Tools to Inform and Monitor Tier 2 Behavioral Interventions (3 Hours). Steve Kilgus, PhD & Katie Eklund, PhD

SUMMER INSTITUTE 1016 Chula Vista Wisconsin Dells

  • The Neuropsychology of Emotional Disorders: A Framework for Effective Interventions (6 Hours) Steven G. Feifer, D.Ed.

FALL 2016: Madison Marriott West

  • PREPaRE II, 2nd Edition (12 HoursScott Woitaszewski, PhD & Todd Savage, PhD
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools: Creating Opportunities to Improve Learning (3  Hours) Elizabeth Cook, PhD
  • The Provision of School-Based Mental Health Services within a Multi-Tiered System of Support Framework (3 Hours) John Kelly, PhD
  • Trauma Sensitive Schools: The Role of the School Psychologist (3 Hours) Travis Pinter, EdS
  • Advanced Crisis Skills in School-Based Crisis Prevention and Intervention (3 Hours) Rosario Pesce, PhD


Questions on the certificate, please contact:  Rob Dixon, email: dixon.robertj@gmail.com

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