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Dear WSPA Member and Wisconsin School Psychologists,

As many of you know, there were two incidents of school violence this week in Wisconsin. As a school psychologist, parent, and strong supporter of public education, I am deeply troubled by these events and I know many of you share this reaction. 

I am reaching out to thank you for your work as a school psychologist to promote a positive climate and keep our school safe. The connections you make with students and families matter. The education and mentorship you provide to future school psychologists matters. Your compassion and patience with students and families mean they will be more likely to reach out to you in times of distress instead of turning to violence. That being said, remember, you can not prevent everything or control what each student does, but you are an important voice in the school community advocating for positive school climate initiatives and students with complex needs. Thank you.  

People often say that schools are a reflection of our society. While that statement is true, it's not the whole truth. As school psychologists we collaborate with our communities everyday to make schools an example of what our society can become. WSPA would like to re-share some resources for you from the NASP website in case you need them to help you in that important work. 

NASP - School Climate, Safety, and Crisis

With gratitude,

Rene Staskal, Ph.D., NCSP

President - WSPA




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