WSPA Regional Representative Role & Responsibilities

  1. Attend 3-4 Board meetings annually including Long Range Planning in mid-June.
                - Board meetings are usually held on the Wed night preceding spring and fall conferences.
                - reimbursement is provided for mileage to meetings
                - provide a short report to the Board about activities in your region.
                - be willing to ask questions and actively participate as a voting member
                - if unable to attend, send a alternate representative if possible

  2. Serve as a liaison between WSPA Board and regional membership to share issues/concerns and encourage involvement which may include coordinating local regional meetings, establishing a listserve to contact members, etc.
  3. Coordinate and/or serve as committee member for regional sponsorship of WSPA conventions (see attached schedule rotation)
  4. Solicit contributions from your region (e.g. basket of items) for Children’s Services auction held at the Fall WSPA Conference.
  5. Inform regional rep chair if requesting allocated monies ($200 available for each region) for regional meetings from treasurer.
  6. Encourage submission of newsletter articles to reflect on regional activities or school psychology issues (stipend of $75 provided once per year).
  7. Maintain your full membership standing with WSPA and secure a replacement if you vacate your regional rep position.
  8. Enjoy this opportunity to contribute to your state organization, stay active, informed and knowledgeable about state and national issues and network with your fellow school psychologists and school psychology trainers.

If you have any questions regarding these responsibilities, please feel free to contact the Regional Representative Chair:   to be announced

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